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You guys know I'm all about the leather. I can't even tell you how many leather jackets I've gone through throughout the years. In fact, I have about 5 different leather jackets in my wardrobe as we speak.

There's the one with fringe and studs with "DK" painted on that back when I wanna be THAT bitch. Then there's your casual full-grain that's a bit more tight-fitting when I'm trying to be that low key bitch. Then there's another casual one that looks almost identical to the full-grain but it's more of a top-grain, so even though it looks like her long lost twin, it's definitely NOT THE SAME. So you gotta keep em both, right? *inserts crying emoji* Then of course I have an oversized because well... you need to have an oversized leather jacket.

This sexy piece I'm wearing is the newest member to the family. It's stiff, it's oversized, it's cropped, It's fucking life, guys. I purchased it in a size large too, so even if i'm wearing a THICC sweater or a hoodie underneath, there's still mad room in this bitch.

I'll post photos of the back as well – I just noticed there aren't any photos of the back of the jacket online.

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